Against The Current / Talk

Against The Current(アゲインスト・ザ・カレント)は、2006年に結成され、ニューヨーク州をベースに活動するバンド。


Chrissy Costanza / クリッシー・コスタンザ(ヴォーカル)
Dan Gow / ダン・ガウ(ギター、ヴォーカル)
Will Ferri / ウィル・フェリ(ドラム)

今回紹介する楽曲は、Against The Current の 「Talk」です。


Against The Currentは、現在世界的に注目されていて、日本でもかなり注目されています。
ONE OK ROCKのTakaとのコラボしていますね。


さらに、2006年に結成、当初は男性のみの4人組バンドだった というのは驚きです。





Against The Current is a band that activities based on the state New York was formed in 2006.
Initially, it was a four piece band of men only, and raise the cover song at YouTube, Chrissie Costanza subscription that attention had begun to gather.
Current members Chrissy, Dan Gow, in Will Ferri, is being active in three people.


Chrissy Costanza / Chrissie Costanza (vocals)
Dan Gow / Dan Gow (guitar, vocals)
Will Ferri / Will Ferri (drums)

Music to introduce this time is "Talk" of Against The Current.

In a slightly different point of view, I tried to pick up the Western.

Against The Current is, currently have been worldwide attention, it has received considerable attention in Japan.
It has collaboration with Taka of ONE OK ROCK.

Also, cover songs of Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift also are up, is the arrangement is interesting.

In addition, formed in 2006, it is a surprise that it was four piece band of men only initially.

Music is the feeling that female vocal guitar rock band orthodox.

Western lovers, of course, I think the music that fits even better this is not the case.

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